Pursuant to Section 10 of Executive Order 24, the DENR and the Presidential Management Staff initially drafted the CCAM-DRR Cabinet Cluster Roadmap for 2018 to 2022.Integrating comments from the various member-agencies of the cluster, the roadmap was adopted during the 4th meeting of the Cabinet Cluster in January 2018.  A Resolution regarding the adoption was issued by the DENR Secretary as the Cluster Chairperson.  


“Climate- and Disaster-Resilient Communities Supporting Equitable and Sustainable Development”


The identified focus areas of the roadmap are 22 vulnerable provinces, 822 coastal municipalities, and major urban centers (Metro Manila, Cebu, Iloilo and Davao).


Among the Roadmap's Identified Focus Areas:

22 Vulnerable Provinces



The Priority investments for 2019-2022 under the roadmap are:                                              

  • Social Enterprise development, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation;
  • Integrated Water Resources Management;
  • Enhancing Coastal Protection in Selected Areas; and
  • Climate Information Services for Decision-Making