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Geohazard Mapping and Assessment Program


The Geohazard Mapping and Assessment Program is a on-going priority program of the DENR, which is being implemented by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB).  The program aims to identify areas in the country which are susceptible or vulnerable to various geologic hazards.  The program also seeks to provide information to various stakeholders in order to lessen or mitigate the impact of these events

Direct beneficiaries of the project are the local government units (LGUs), various government agencies, Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and institutions engaged in land use planning and classification, environmental regulation and protection, and disaster management and mitigation.  Also to benefit are private companies engaged in infrastructure and resources development, general utilities companies/institutions such as water districts, construction companies engaged in public works and/or energy producers.

Geohazard mapping with a scale of 1:50,000 have already been completed two years ago, covering a total of 1,634 cities and municipalities.  MGB has started in 2011 the preparation of more detailed geohazard maps with scale of 1:10,000, initially targeting 218 municipalities

 Geohazard Map of the Philippines 1:50,000 scale



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Geohazard Mapping and Assessment Program

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