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Climate Change Adaptation Best Practices in the Philippines

24 January 2013

This book (Climate Change Adaptation Best Practices in the Philippines) presents a compendium of climate change measures and practices, plus new initiatives that are specifically focused on climate change adaptation, the process of coping with the variability and consequences of climate change.

This book project is part of a bigger program to help the Philippines in working for the achievement of its Millenium Development Goals (MDGs), especially MDG 7 on environmental sustainability. It is addressing mainly the lack of information on “technological adaptation and sustainable development options for addressing the impacts of climate change.”

A total of 100 organizations in government, business, and civil society submitted cases on their best practices for this book project, which is part of the DENR Component of the MDG-F 1656 Joint Programme (JP) on Strengthening Philippine Institutional Capacity to Adapt to Climate Change. Funding assistance for the JP came from the Spanish Government through the United Nations Development Programme and the United Nations Environment Programme.

By preparing this publication with the help of its donors and partners, the contributors of cases, and other organizations and individuals, the DENR hopes to inspire the readers of this book--from students to policy and decision makers--to take new or additional initiatives on climate change adaptation that consider the fundamental rights and the aspirations of the Filipino people and the sustainable development of the country.

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