Mga Kwentong KLIMA-likasan

Climate Change Consciousness Week Photoblog Competition

Our communities are greatly vulnerable to the risks of climate change. Risks in cities and municipalities are compounded where the number of people exposed is amplified due to high population density and rapid migration. Particularly, vulnerable sectors, such as women and youth, are exposed to greater risks, hazards, and disasters in natural resource-dependent communities. Behavioral changes at the level of individuals, households, and communities can be a key component in addressing health risks and climate change.

In celebration of the 2020 National Climate Change Consciousness Week, with the theme Adapting for a Sustainable Future, the DENR Climate Change Service will hold the “Mga Kwentong KLIMA-likasan: A Photoblog Competition”.

Mga Kwentong KLIMA-likasan, a photoblog competition, aims to showcase the efforts of individuals and communities in creating a safe and healthy environment through pursuing behavior change in their communities especially during this pandemic.

This competition aims to make use of photoblog to feature stories/narratives about the impacts of climate change in their communities and how they are addressing them through behavior change. This also aims to effect a cultural and behavioral shift through the promotion of best practices of different communities.

A photoblog is a form of photo sharing and publishing in the format of a blog. Photoblogs tend to be more visually appealing to viewers than text-based blogs.

Attached shows some of the behavioral solutions to climate change, on which contestants may choose from.

Photoblog Contest Prizes:

One Major Prize: Php 5,000

9 Consolation Prizes: Php 2,000 each

Criteria for Judging:

  • Facebook reactions: 20%
  • Content: 40%
  • Visual appeal: 30%
  • Relevance to the theme: 10%

Contest Rules:

  1. Contestants will be asked to submit their photoblog entry with a corresponding title in English, or if in Filipino, there should be English subtitles. Entries must be submitted in a Microsoft Word File Format with a two-paragraph description/caption on the climate-related issue the community/participant aims to address with their behavioral change initiative.
  2. Each contestant must submit a maximum of three (3) photos, in his/her entry. The photos (must be landscape in JPEG format with at least 300 dpi and a maximum file size of 10 MB) must be sent as email attachments, together with the word file containing the two-paragraph description/narrative.
  3. Photos must be taken in 2020. However, the photo must not contain date stamps, watermarks or any text on the image. Exact dates shall be included in the description in the word file, and must be included in the file name of the photos (ex. “DENR Community Garden, Sept 20, 2020”).
  4. Photos must definitely be identifiable as being taken within the community or household. It shall include human elements in natural or candid situations. It shall also constitute the behavior change the person/ community is pursuing.
  5. Any camera device is allowed to be used except photos taken by film camera, fisheye lens, and stitched panoramas. Post processing of the images is limited to cropping and color enhancements, including shadows and highlights only. Photo manipulation is not allowed.
  6. Entries must be the participants’ original works, which have never been published in social and print media. Photos must not contain any copyrighted material including artworks and other photos.
  7. The use of excessive or overtly violent, sexual, offensive themes, graphics and language will not be allowed.
  8. Entries will be posted on the official facebook page “DENR Climate Change Service” for the Facebook reactions.
  9. A Board of Judges shall be constituted for this purpose. The Judges’ decision is final, and unappealable.
  10. All entries will become the property of the DENR Climate Change Service, for use in the advocacy programs of the Department. The name/s of contestant/s will be acknowledged when the material/s is/are used for print public advocacy purposes.

The contest is open to Filipino participants, ages 15 to 21 years old, coming from any region of the country. Participants must submit an ID with birthdate or any proof certifying that contestant is within the age range.

 However, relatives of the DENR Climate Change Service personnel, up to the second level of consanguinity are not eligible to join this contest.

Entries can be submitted individually or by communities. In addition to the Facebook upload, entries must be submitted to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on or before November 15, 2020, with filled up attached entry form. Winners will be announced on the week of the National Climate Change Consciousness Week in November 2020. Please follow the DENR Climate Change Service Facebook Page for the announcement of winners.

Entry Form:


Full Printed Name:


Home Address (with name of province, if applicable):

Mobile Phone Number:

Email Address (if any):

Title of Entry:

Description of the Entry:

For queries, you may contact:

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